SpeakerDr. Weerapon Thongma / President of Maejo University, Thailand
Title:The Perception on Eco-innovativeness of Modern Agricultural Farm Entrepreneurs and Agrotourists in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
SpeakerMiss Chalisa Kallayanamitra / Research Fellow of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Title:USDA Forest Service Report of National Forest Sustainability Indicators: Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services and Resilience of Forest-Dependent Communities in the United States
SpeakerDr. Emma L. Ballad / Senior Fishing Regulations Officer of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippines
Title:Empirical Study on the Functionality and Sustainability of Coastal Resource Management: An Application of Environmental Economics to Marine Protected Areas in Cagayan, Philippines
SpeakerDr. Witsanu Attavanich / Associate Professor of Department of Economics, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Title:Evaluating Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security and Implications of Adaptation Policies in Thai Agriculture
SpeakerDr. Sutrisno Hadi Purnomo / Associate Professor of Department of Animal Science, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
Title:Barriers to Acceptance of Information and Communication Technology in Agricultural Extension in Indonesia
SpeakerDr. Hoang Ha Anh / Assistant Professor of Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Nong Lam University, Vietnam
Title:Assessment of Farmers' Flood Vulnerability in the Cambodian Floodplain and Vietnam Mekong River Delta
SpeakerDr. Nirote Sinnarong / Assistant Professor of Department of Applied Economics, Maejo University, Thailand
Title:The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Rice Production: An Empirical Evidence from Panel Data Models and Implications for Climate-Smart Agriculture in Central Watershed of Thailand