The "payment of Green Environmental Benefits for Land" has been fully implemented by the Council of Agriculture (COA) since 2018 to promote the sustainable development of grain production

January 09, 2018

In order to adjust the structure of the rice industry and increase the supply of domestic miscellaneous grains, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has promoted the plan for "payment of Green Environmental Benefits for Land" since 2018 through incentives for planting competitive crops that are potential for import substitution, export sales, and key development. Also, implementing dual-policies of “rice guarantee price purchase” & “direct payment” combined with subsidies towards organic and environmental-friendly farming to help promote sustainable agricultural development & innovation....

Significant changes! Reviewing 42th-year rice guarantee price purchase system and piloting the policy of direct payment

May 13, 2016

In response to Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Taiwan’s rice guarantee price purchase policy which has implemented for 42 years would undergo significant adjustments. In an exclusive interview with News&Market, Chi-Chung Chen (陳吉仲), the Minister of Council of Agriculture (COA), revealed that the "Agricultural Direct Payment Policy" will be piloted this year. The government will directly compensate farmers for a certain amount of payment while farmers need to sell their own rice instead of supplying public grain rice repeatedly. In the preliminary stage, both “rice guarantee price purchase” & “direct payment” policies will be adopted to allow farmers to choose which one they would like to follow with....

The review and adjustment suggestion for Taiwan's rice guarantee price purchase system

January 01, 2007

Taiwanese government has implemented the policy of rice guarantee price purchase which has indeed played a role in stabilizing rice farmers' income, rice prices, and its sources since 1974.

Nonetheless, in recent years, the domestic and foreign economic and trading environment has rapidly changed. Especially the impact of open markets in agricultural products, resulted from the agricultural commodities trade liberalization promoted with the rule set by WTO, has gradually highlighted the necessity and importance for actively reviewing Tawan's rice guarantee price purchase policy...